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Ardabil, Sufi Heritage

Ardabil, Persia

The genius work of architecture and craftsmanship which exist in Ardabil is the eye-opening highlights of tangible cultural heritages that show the artistic imperial realm under the rule of Safavid empire, also hot springs, waterfalls and natural inland sceneries extend the attractions of Ardabil ecosystem options as a diverse ecotourism destination.

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Safi-ad-din Ardabili (Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble) Tomb, who is Murshid of Sufism and his beliefs and ideology created Safaviyya credence in Persia. The Complex includes Khanghah, Mosque and courtyard which shoes different aspects of Sufism.

Safi-ad-din Ardabili

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How to Get There


By Plain:

There is no international airline flights available close to the city of Ardabil, so you need to take a flight into one of the International Airports, then take a drive to Ardabil.

The best option is:

  • Tabriz International Airport (TBZ), 230 km.

When to Visit

Ardabil is located into the heart of Alborz mountain range marked with freezing climate in winter and moderate temperature in other seasons. The most suitable period to visit Ardabil is spring, summer and the beginning of autumn. It means that plan your trip since the end of March to the beginning of July and the beginning of September to the end of October.

How to Visit

Tailor the Itinerary to have a visit of the city centre for one full day to explore the Unesco World Heritages and the Turkish lifestyle of locals, then take some excursions to Heyran (Heiran) valley and the road between Asalem to Khalkhal to get amazed with super gorgeous landscapes.


Ardabil, Sufi Heritage

Hours                                     Pricing

Safi-ad-din Ardabili (Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble),

08:00 A.M – 05:30 P.M                                            500.000 IRR

Note: Due to especial holidays the sites would be closed.

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