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Shiraz, Museum of Persia Open-air  Heritage

Shiraz, Persia

Shiraz, the homeland of Persian Civilization with all legendary masterpieces is the city of love, imperial stories and perfumes. Ancient archives distinguish the city with extraordinary skills remained since the reign of Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great and also Sassanid empire. The masterworks covered whole Shiraz since 2500 years ago to the present era, also the religion of Zoroastrians played an important role in shaping Shiraz as the capital of the greatest empire the world has ever seen.

Naqsh-e Rustam

Persepolis, one of the three Achaemenid Empire Capitals, which is dedicated to ceremonial events to demonstrate the imperial majesty and eminence, constructed by Darius the Great. The palace with the meaning of ‘city of Persians’ is a great example of Achaemenid architectural style.


Shiraz, The Motherland of Achaemenid

Bishapur Ancient City (Sassanid Archaeological Landscape), built-in admiration for the triumph over Romans in the rein of the second king of Sassanid empire. There are vertical & horizontal streets which displays Roman influence on Persian architecture at the time, also rock reliefs and rock cuts depicting the victory and the spiritual respect of the Kings to the god.

Bishapur Ancient City

Gur Ancient City (Sassanid Archaeological Landscape) which originally dated to Achaemenid empire, but rebuilt during the first king of Sassanid empire with striking in size as constructing fire temple, bridge and tower is depicting one of the four administrative center of Sassanian.

Gor Ancient City

Dokhtar Castle (Sassanid Archaeological Landscape) intended to be dedicated to gad Anahita as its name ( “Girl Castle” or “The Maiden’s Castle” ) announces. It is built by the first king of the Sassanid empire to defeat the Parthian empire on the top of a hill close to south Fars river.

Gor Ancient City

Firuzabad Ardashir Investiture Relief (Sassanid Archaeological Landscape) is an inscription which shows the belief of immortality and majesty of Sassanid king as Ahuramazda ( Zoroastrians god ) is awarding them by royal ring.

Firuzabad Ardashir Investiture Relief

How to Get There

By Plain:

Shiraz International Airport (SYZ).

Drive 20 km to the city center.


When to Visit

Each season shows its beauties in Shiraz, but spring always dazzles your eyes by the flourishing nature and smell of flowers since the beginning of March to the end of April, but don’t miss the time of Shirazi ice cream since the middle of September to the end of October.

How to Visit

A city with more than 2500 years of stories needs at least four days to cover the highlights, not only at the city centre but also for the excursions to take for visiting Unesco World Heritage Sites. Walking tours are offered for the attractions close to Shiraz Bazaar and taking nightlife in Mausoleum of great poets.


Shiraz, Museum of Persia Open-air  Heritage

Hours                                     Pricing


08:00 A.M – 06:00 P.M                                             500.000 IRR


08:00 A.M – 04:00 P.M                                             500.000 IRR

Bishapur Complex,

08:00 A.M – 07:00 P.M                                             200.000 IRR

Gor Ancient City:

08:00 A.M – 07:00 P.M                                           200.000 IRR

Dokhtar Castle,

08:00 A.M – 07:00 P.M                                             200.000 IRR

Ardashir Investiture Relief,

08:00 A.M – 07:00 P.M                                             200.000 IRR

Ardashir Papakan Palace,

08:00 A.M – 05:30 P.M                                             200.000 IRR

Eram Garden,

08:00 A.M – 02:00 P.M

02:00 P.M – 06:30 P.M                                             500.000 IRR

Note: Due to especial holidays the sites would be closed.

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