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Fars , The Matherland of Achaemenid & Sassanid Empire 

Fars, Persia

Fars, the motherland of Persian culture with all legendary Achaemenian’s glories is the city of prose & poem, gardens and flowers. Historical ornaments such as Persepolis and Pasargadae, which are spread through the tale of the province since Achaemenid empire to Zand Dynasty, also spirituality always associates with the story of the people, not only during Zoroastrianism but also at the time of Islam.

Abadeh Woodwork, Persepolis, Pasargadae, Necropolis, Bishapur, Gur

Pasargadae, an ancient capital of Achaemenid, which was built under the order of Cyrus the Great with famous fourfold Persian model of the garden, to explain the nobility of the emperor and his necropolis.


Shiraz, The Motherland of Achaemenid

Persepolis, one of the three Achaemenid Empire Capitals, which is dedicated to ceremonial events to demonstrate the imperial majesty and eminence, constructed by Darius the Great. The palace with the meaning of ‘city of Persians’ is a great example of Achaemenid architectural style.


Naqsh-e Rustam, a Necropolis, where the emperors of Persian civilization are buried in rock cuts, with king’s engraved messages on rock reliefs, also the Zoroastrians sacred place “ Cube of Zoroaster ” as a spiritual monument is located next to the rock face.

Naqsh-e Rustam

Naqsh-e Rajab, an open-air archaeological archive which displays Sassanid imperial impregnable power and triumph over Roman emperor on bas-relief inscriptions.

Naqsh-e Rajab

Cube of Zoroaster is a spiritual and sacred Zoroastrians monument which is located next to the rock face. Opposite of the tombstones of Naqsh-e Rustam, you will be amazed with a cubic building captured a view of large stone bricks. It is known as the Cube of Zoroaster or Ka’ba-ye Zartosht, an ancient religious symbol which founded the Achaemenid religious ideology. The elegance and splendour of the Achaemenid monuments are evident in this monument which consists a great historical attraction, although there are different theories about the use of the building during the Achaemenid era, from the Avesta to the Holy Fire.

Cube of Zoroaster

Bishapur Ancient City (Sassanid Archaeological Landscape), built-in admiration for the triumph over Romans in the rein of the second king of Sassanid empire. There are vertical & horizontal streets which displays Roman influence on Persian architecture at the time, also rock reliefs and rock cuts depicting the victory and the spiritual respect of the Kings to the god.

Bishapur Ancient City

Gur Ancient City (Sassanid Archaeological Landscape) which originally dated to Achaemenid empire, but rebuilt during the first king of Sassanid empire with striking in size as constructing fire temple, bridge and tower is depicting one of the four administrative center of Sassanian.

Gur Ancient City

Izad Khast Complex, which is built as an adobe structure during the reign of Sassanid empire, including a fortress, fire temple, caravansary, bathroom and the city of Izad Khast. The complex was renovated after the Arab conquest of Persia by constructing a mosque over the fire temple, also during Safavid era by adding a caravansary and bridge to be livable till Qajar dynasty.

Izad Khast Complex

How to Get There

By Plain:

Fars International Airport (SYZ).

Drive 20 km to the city center.


When to Visit

Each season shows its beauties in Fars, but spring always dazzles your eyes by nature flourish meant and smell of flowers since the beginning of March to the end of April, but don’t miss the time of Farsi ice cream since the middle of September to the end of October.

How to Visit

A city with more than 2500 years of stories needs at least four days to cover the highlights, not only at the city centre but also for the excursions to take for visiting World Heritage Sites. Walking tours are offered for the attractions close to Fars Bazaar and taking nightlife in Mausoleum of great poets.


Fars, The Motherland of Achaemenid & Sassanid Empires

Hours                                     Pricing


08:00 A.M – 04:00 P.M                                             500.000 IRR


08:00 A.M – 06:00 P.M                                             500.000 IRR


08:00 A.M – 05:30 P.M                                             200.000 IRR

Cube of Zoroaster,

08:00 A.M – 05:30 P.M                                             200.000 IRR

Bishapur Complex (Sassanid Archaeological Landscape),

08:00 A.M – 07:00 P.M                                             200.000 IRR

Gor Ancient City,(Sassanid Archaeological Landscape)

08:00 A.M – 07:00 P.M                                           200.000 IRR

Izad Khast Complex,

24 Hours                                                                  200.000 IRR

Note: Due to especial holidays the sites would be closed.

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