Cultural Heritage

Tabriz, Azeri Costumes & Traditions

Tabriz, Persia

Tabriz is designed to captivate you with eminent clues about fundamental points of contemporary history of Persia, which thrived on the basis of Sufism order by Safavid kings in Tabriz. Experience Unesco World Heritage in terms of embracing stunning glories in the largest Roofed Bazaar of the world, where amaze you with all tangible cultural facts such as architecture and handicrafts next to intangible ones in traditional shopping stores.


Kandovan village, where people built their cone-shaped home in volcanic rocks to verify human integration with wild nature in hillside of Sahand mountain. The unbelievable village lifestyle in cave-like houses amaze visitors with identifying architecture that show how locals have been living with ancient customs in modern era. Purchase handicrafts in local settlements to experience alive Kandovan lifestyle, also walk through the rocky pathways to enjoy the mesmerizing environment of the Kandovan Village, after that tasting Persian culinary in Kandovan atmosphere to sync ourselves better with the way people live, then drive back to Tabriz to have pleasure at your pace for evening.

Kandovan village

Shiraz, The Motherland of Achaemenid

Experiencing homemade confectionary Nogha which provides us with a better understanding of Azeri coronary arts in the north-west part of Persia.


Tomb of Poems, where more than 400 poets are buried to shape the greatest dead poet society under a well-designed Tomb, Shahriar the most famous Tabrizi poet, who used to express his feelings and ideas not only in Turkish, but also in Persian.

Tomb of Poems

El Goli Garden, is decorated with a large artificial pond and a mansion in the middle.

El Goli Garden

Parvin Etesami’s House who is contemporary poet followed the classical pattern of Persian poems.

Parvin Etesami's House

How to Get There

By Plain:

Tabriz International Airport (TBZ).

Drive 10 km to the city center.

When to Visit

Tabriz is alongside of Zagros Mountain Range and close to Sabalan summit, so the climate is cold in winter, but cool in spring and summer. The most suitable periods to visit the masterpieces are the middle of March to the end of June and the beginning of September to the end of November.

How to Visit

Take a walking journey alongside the Shahnaz Street to visit identifying lifestyle of Turkish people, then walk around Shahrdary (Municipality) Square to have a look at peculiar architecture of the buildings, after that walk into the Bazaar to feel the passion of life in Tabriz. Lets have a walk around El Goli Garden to experience a relaxing evening in its beauty.


Tabriz, Azeri Costumes & Traditions 


Hours                                     Pricing

Kandovan village,

24 Hours                                                               Free of Charge

Tomb of Poems,

08:30 A.M – 06:00 P.M                                             150.000 IRR

El Goli Garden,

24 Hours                                                               Free of Charge

Parvin Etesami’s House,

09:00 A.M – 05:00 P.M (Sat to Wends)                    200.000 IRR

Note: Due to especial holidays the sites would be closed.

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