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Semnan, Silk Road Costumes and Traditions

Semnan, Persia

Semnan, with the longest path in Silk Road, dated back to Median era, depict four seasons in one province and demonstrating extraordinary lifestyle adapted with desert, also a geopolitical area which connects north, south, east and west of Persia close to Alborz mountain range.

Komaj Bread

Kavir desert is the second popular desertic tourist attractions in the central plateau of Persia as a reason for wildlife, vegetation and local lifestyle along the side of Silk Road.

Kavir desert

Shiraz, The Motherland of Achaemenid

Natural richness and moderate weather in the north part of the central desert of Persia close to the south of Caspian Sea caused Shahmirzad county in the north part of Semnan become the biggest livestock region of the country for many years.

Shahmirzad Livestock

Tarikhaneh Mosque displaying distinctive Sassanid architecture as the oldest mosque in Persia were used to be a fire temple for Zoroastrians to worship God before the Arab conquest.

Tarikhaneh Mosque

Bayazid Bastami tomb, who was one of the leaders of Sufism philosophy and Islamic mysticism.

Bayazid Bastami tomb

Arg Gate as a historical symbol with Qajar model of architecture which is one of the most important squares in the city centre of Semnan

Arg Gate

How to Get There

By Plain:

There is no international airline flights available close to the city of Semnan, so you need to take a flight into one of the International Airports, then take a drive to Semnan.

The best option is:

  • Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), 250 km To Semnan.


When to Visit

Most part of Semnan province is located in desertic area and some parts are close to Alborz mountain range, so the most suitable time to enjoy the beauty of desert will be since the end of September to the end of November, but it is highly recommended to travel to the city since the beginning of March to the end of April to enjoy the greenness of Semnan.


How to Visit

It will be a great opportunity to take a long trip to Semnan to experience from north-east to south-west as a city with a distinctive nature combination which include Hyrcanian Forests (Unesco World Heritage ) and desertic uniqueness to, not only discover Cloud Forest, but also experience Salt Lakes.


Semnan, Silk Road Customs and Traditions

Hours                                     Pricing

Tarikhaneh Mosque,

09:00 A.M – 01:00 P.M

04:00 P.M – 06:00 P.M                                             300.000 IRR

Bayazid Bastami tomb,

24 Hours                                                                 Free of Charge

Arg Gate,

24 Hours                                                                 Free of Charge

Note: Due to especial holidays the sites would be closed.

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