Cultural Heritage

 Isfahan,Heart of Persian Fine Arts

Isfahan, Persia

Gratify yourself with picturesque views of Perso-Islamic architectural beauties to satisfy all your expectations from decoration, also walk into mansions and pavilions to visit artefacts, paintings and fine arts to have a better understanding of Isfahan art.

Bastani Resturaunt

Ghalamzani or engraving art is a superb handicraft masterpiece which converts raw metals into invaluable souvenirs by carving the surface of them to shape decorative objects.


Shiraz, The Motherland of Achaemenid

Qeisarie Gate, a three-floor building which is a window to the fine arts of Isfahan and is called king Gate in remembrance of the Safavid King as the main entrance to Isfahan Grand Bazaar.

Qeisarie Gate

Naqsh-e Jahan Square (Median Emam) is a Masterwork of chief architect Sheikh Bahaee, which include Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque with the genius interior and exterior decoration of the dome which used to be a royal mosque dedicated to Shah Abbas Safavid, Shah Mosque (Imam Mosque), which depicts Persian architecture in the Islamic era, by consisting of iwans, domes, tilling and supreme engineering of a voice echoing, and Ali Qapu Palace which could be called as a gallery of art in terms of music, painting and decoration in an acoustic structure.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Abyaneh village to experience one of the ancient rural areas close to central desert of Persia, which clarifies historical customs and traditions with its characteristic language and colorful clothe along distinctive reddish buildings constructed with adobe, also there is one of the ancient Zoroastrians fire temples in narrow pathways which directs you to fruitful gardens of the village.

Abyaneh village

Aminodole Caravanserai at the centre of Kashan bazaar where a coherent form of structure reflects hospitable sensibility.

Aminodole Caravanserai

Boroujerdi House, combines desert style of wind-catchers with Persian traditional models of iwan with superb plaster-work in interior and exterior decoration.

Boroujerdi House

Garmeh village to become fascinated with palm gardens quenched with flowing water from  springs which are filled with tiny fishes to feel mellow in a pleasant surrounding.

Garmeh village

Khaju and Si-o Se Pol Bridges, indulge ourselves to the beauty of worldly known bridges.

Khaju Bridge

How to Get There

By Plain:

Isfahan International Airport (IFN).

Drive 27 km to the city center.

When to Visit

Isfahan is located in the central area of Persia, so the climate is mostly moderate and pleasant to tale walks alongside of the streets since the beginning of March to the end of April and at the end of September to the end of November.

How to Visit

Explore Isfahan by walking across its streets especially Chaharbagh St. to feel the beauty of urbanism and artistic view of history. Let’s walk in Julfa area to Indulge yourself into Armenian part of the city with their cosy cafe and architectural masterpieces.


Isfahan, Heart of Persian Fine Arts

Hours                                     Pricing

Naqsh-e Jahan Square (Median Emam),

24 Hours                                                                 Free of Charge

Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque,

09:00 A.M – 05:00 P.M                                           500.000 IRR

Shah Mosque (Imam Mosque),

09:00 A.M – 11:00 A.M                                           500.000 IRR

01:00 A.M – 04:15 A.M

Ali Qapu Palace,

09:00 A.M – 05:00 P.M                                           500.000 IRR

Abyaneh village,

24 Hours                                                                  Free of Charge

Aminodole Caravanserai,

09:00 A.M – 05:00 P.M                                             Free of Charge

Boroujerdi House,

09:00 A.M – 05:00 P.M                                             300.000 IRR

Garmeh village:

24 Hours                                                             Free of Charge

Note: Due to especial holidays the sites would be closed.

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