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Royal Heritage

Explore royal masterpieces to satisfy your curiosity about Persian empires and touch historical novelties which directly affected nowadays lifestyle.

Persepolis embraces the most significant Achaemenid heritage ,
not only as an archaeological remain but also as a fact of royal legacies of Persians.

Explore beyond civilization by travelling along the guided tours of royal masterpieces of the ancient time where customized routes allow you to touch the greatest empires that the world has ever seen. The journeys include local classes and workshops to not only deepen your knowledge of Elamite civilization but also take you from 500 B.C when Cyrus the Great as an Achaemenian emperor founded the first Persian empire by announcing the human rights and religious freedom to the present era as most of the customs and traditions have shown themselves in Persian lifestyle. The genius work of craftsmanships which exist in Persepolis, Necropolis and Pasargadae are the eye-opening highlights of tangible cultural heritages which will be described in details with guides and experts to show the artistic imperial realm under the rule of Persian empires.


+ Khuzestan, Homeland of Elamite Civilization

Khuzestan is a cradle of civilization because of the history which dated back to the pro-Elamite period, also an outstanding city where multicultural residents from different tribes such as Lurs, Bakhtiaris, native Arabs and Persians live together in harmony. It is remarkable to mention that Khuzestan as a result of a huge reservoir of oil and gas is the economic heart of Persia.

+ Hamedan, Legacy of Elamite & Achaemenid Empires

Hamedan is an iconic city in terms of ancient urbanism, religion diversity and handicrafts, where Ecbatana Ancient City absorbs your attention to 3000 years ago with mud & brick remains at the heart of Hegmataneh Antique City, also Hamedan has gained a prominent position in ceramic and pottery craftsmanship in the Middle East.

+ Fars, The Motherland of Achaemenid & Sassanid Empires

Fars, the homeland of Persian Civilization with all legendary masterpieces is the city of love, imperial stories and perfumes. Ancient archives distinguish the city with extraordinary skills remained since the reign of Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great and also Sassanid empire. The masterworks covered whole Fars since 2500 years ago to the present era, also the religion of Zoroastrians played an important role in shaping Fars as the capital of the greatest empire the world has ever seen.

+ Kermanshah, Majesty of Sassanid Empire

Kermanshah, a mountainous region with a moderate climate which is occupied with inhabitants of diverse nationality and religion is proud of being the second royal Sassanid empire accommodation. Kurds, the main residents of the area with a disparate cultural character of music, folkloric dance and cuisine are known as the origin of Aryans with aristocratic customs and traditions.

+ Tabriz, Birthplace of Ilkhanate & Safavid Kingdom

Tabriz is the most significant region in historic Azerbaijan area in terms of culture, industry, modernity and handicrafts, also agriculture plays an important rule in development of the city. Tabriz history gained a huge impression from Safavid and Qajar dynasties as a center of Turkish tribes, so most of the monuments and attractions proves cultural, architectural and customs and traditions of the mentioned royal families, also is known as the world Carpet Weaving City.

+ Isfahan, Safavid Dynasty Glory

Isfahan, the city of glories and Perso-Islamic masterpieces devoted itself to craftsman’s dexterity to become center of art, not only in architecture or handicrafts, but also in urban structures and music. The city is a treasure of mosques, Cathedrals, mansions, bridges and gardens which amazed visitors in all aspects of skillful ingenuities.

+ Shiraz, Realm of Zand Dynasty

Shiraz, the motherland of Persian Culture with all legendary Achaemenian’s and Sassanian’s glories is the city of prose & poem, gardens and flowers. Historical ornaments such as Persepolis and Pasargadae is spread through the tale of the province since Achaemenid empire to Zand Dynasty, also spirituality always associates with the story of the people, not only during Zoroastrianism but also at the time of Islam to the present era.

+ Qazvin, Dedicated to Qajar Dynasty Heritage

Qazvin, a city with 9000 years of civilization, where is located on the way of Silk Road, proves its significance to be announced as the capital of the country in different periods. Alamut Castle is the prominent legacy of the city besides Sa’d al-Saltaneh Caravanserai which is the biggest urban caravanserai in Persia.

+ Tehran, Pahlavi Dynasty Heritage

Tehran, as the most modern city and capital of Iran which clearly shows the classical and modern combination of Persian culture is located on the south of Alborz mountain range. Damavand, the highest Summit of Iran is a heroic symbol of Tehran, also the city embraces cultural & natural landscapes with brilliant glory of palaces and distinctive museums.

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